Isolates sequenced

Data published in: Cantu et al., 2013; BMC Genomics

Five PST isolates from different races with distinct virulence profiles and varied geographic origin were selected for genome sequencing (Table 1). All isolates were initially identified on wheat plants, except PST-21. This isolate was originally isolated from infected triticale plants, but was subsequently shown to be virulent on wheat plants carrying the Yr1 resistance gene.


We used an Illumina whole-genome shotgun sequencing approach to sequence five PST isolates. After filtering, the total number of PST contigs assembled ranged from 29,178 to 55,502 (Table 2).


Data published in: Hubbard et al., 2015; Genome Biology

We used an Illumina whole-genome shotgun sequencing to sequence a further 21 PST isolates identified in the UK and France between 1978 and 2011.















We carried out full transcriptome sequencing of 39 PST-infected plant samples collected across the UK in 2013.